Welcome to Crow River Cattle Co. We raise Angus and Hereford Beef Cattle, as well as Katahdin and St. Croix Sheep on 250 acres in Central Minnesota within a mile of the Crow River. Our transparent and sustainable farming practices make Crow River Cattle Co your dependable source for high quality beef and lamb. Our start-to-finish standards and our commitment to satisfied customers make us the dominant source among meat suppliers. Plus, we gladly offer our Exceptional Guarantee: If our meat doesn’t
meet your standards, we buy it back.


Nutrient Rich Beef

No Bull Marketing Schemes

Commercial meat markets take advantage of loopholes in the current guidelines for “grass fed” and “organic” labels. Here at Crow River Cattle Co, we refuse to take advantage of our customers. When we say “grass-fed” we mean that our animals have only consumed grass and forage (hay). We did not slip in a little corn or antibiotics, and continue to label it “grass-fed”. Our transparent and sustainable ranching practices ensure our customers receive exactly what they want–-highly nutritious, top-tier beef and lamb. Transparency is so important to us, that we welcome visitors on the ranch. Let us know if you would like to stop by and see our farming practices for yourself.

Processing Matters

We know our customers want their meat processed safely and humanely. For this reason we have ensured that our processor is USDA inspected. Once cut, meat is quickly frozen and stored in deep freezers to ensure a product that holds its taste and nutrition all the way to the table.

Never A Commercial Farm

While we hope to grow, Crow River Cattle Co refuses to explode into an unsustainable operation. We have no intention of becoming a commercial size farm that ignores our core values.

Our Standards, From Start to Finish

Highly nutritious and great tasting meat is a life process that we are committed to from start to finish.

The Start: Our lambs are born, bred and grass fed on the lands of Crow River Cattle Co. We purchase our calves, but not without thought. Before every calf purchase, we vet their beginnings to ensure they have not inherited anything that will start them out below our standards.

The Middle: We understand that healthy soil brings nutritious grass, which is exactly what we want to feed our animals. We work hard to keep our 250 acres of soil healthy. We do not till the ground, we refuse to spray anything that ends in “-cides,” and we intensively manage our grazing land. Healthy Soil = Nutritious Grass = Phenomenal Meat

The Finish: Did you know that beef will taste like the grass they are finished on? This is due to the fact that the sugar and nitrate content in grass affects the taste of the meat. If you have ever had off-tasting grass-fed beef, the cause is most likely linked to its final meals. To prevent this, we never slaughter on age. One hundred percent of the time, Crow River Cattle Co slaughters based on animal condition. This practice has made us confident in our meat. We are so confident, we happily offer our Exceptional Guarantee.

Two Lines of Beef/One Line of Lamb

We understand that meat preference varies per customer. For this reason, we offer both a Grass-Fed/Grass-Finished line of beef and a Grass-Fed/Corn-Finished line of beef. Both lines follow our core
values and standards. All of our meat is Exceptional Guaranteed. We only offer the grass-fed/grass finished line of our sheep. Our lambs are born, bred and grass fed on the lands of Crow River Cattle Co.