Our animals are always grassfed and can be finished how you like. The beef that is grain finished will still primarily get grass, however they will be supplemented with extra grain to help them gain. The grass finished beef will be only fed grass right up to butchering. We have it down to a science to raise grass finished beef that is evenly marbled and tender. Our lambs are always grass fed and finished.

We are very interested in farming in a way that leaves the land around us healthier and more productive as the years go by. The methods of regenerative farming improve the soil, the animals, the meat and us!

The meat is so tender and most comparable to beef. Its a leaner meat with more omega-3s and less saturated fat than beef. Its actually been considered the multi-vitamin meat providing complete protein including all 8 essential amino acids in the right ratios, as well as B12, selenium, B3, Zinc, Phosphorous and Iron.